Hello, my name is Patricia, I’m 34 years old and strongly interested in crewing on your boat. At the moment I am positioned on theCanary Islands (Tenerife) and my goal is to eventually reach the continent of South America. If the canaries are still on your way and you haven’t passed them yet on your way to Cape Verde, I would be happy to join you.

I love extreme challenges and that’s why your post caught my attention. Lately I have crossed the Alps by foot from Salzburg to Tolmin. I am a sailplane and paragliding pilot and I love to do sports in nature in general. I’m very fine with taking over humble tasks such as cooking and cleaning. I’ve lived abroad for the first time at the age of 16, when I joined a student exchange program in Indonesia where I lived in a host family. Since then I take every chance to make experiences in other countries or situations. I’ve lived in Peru, Turkey, Russia and under various conditions and I don’t need much in general.

My original profession is natural scientist (chemistry and physics) and I have worked in research for the last years. Now I’m taking some time off (1-2 years) to fulfill the dreams and wishes that I collected during that time. I’m a very reliable and honest person and I would definitely enjoy doing this trip with you.

Best regards,